Monday, 29 November 2010

Genre Research Summary.

The fonts used for the titles are small and quite plain and simple. The transitions appear to wipe away the clips and the fonts. More then one thing happens at once which draws attention to certain things.

The titles used in this film are centred and quite large so you notice them. They are only in the middle of the screen when no major action is happening they change to smaller credits when action is happening.

Pop music is used as it appeals to the audience of Romantic Comedy's as they are mainly aimed at young girls/women. This video shows you the song that is used in the Sex and the City title sequence. The music is usually heard before the title sequence begins. Music in 10 Think I Hate About You is used to reflect the character.

In 10 Things I Hate About You we see one of the main teenage characters portrayed through the mise en scene to start with as we don't know anything about them other then looking at their costume and props. These can tell us a lot about their character and how we expect them to behave.

The mise en scene provides us with key information about the characters in Sex and the City by showing them in a busy city environment shopping, so we can tell they like to spend money and the props used tell us they are your typical young woman.

Sex and the City title sequence has used the Enigma code as it uses lots of short, tight close ups, as above.

10 Things I Hate About you doesn't have a narrative code.

We can easy establish that 10 Thing I Hate You is a romantic teen comedy as it is set at a high school and we see this in the title sequence. We can tell for instance that it is not a horror film as there would be some editing to make the school seem scary and the music would be different to give a different feel to the film.

We can tell that Sex and the City is a romantic comedy by looking at the editing of the title sequence, the lighting used has made the clips on the screen have a pink shade to them, which gives the clue of femininity. The character used in the title sequence are also all women going shopping and going to work which would be appealing to women and romantic comedy's are mainly aimed at women.

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