Monday, 14 February 2011

Blog Completion!

I have now finished my AS Media blog. I found using a blog to do my coursework very helpful and it was a lot more interesting then just writing on paper or just printing out word documents, for example. Using a blog makes it a fun and exciting way to present coursework and its easy to access and you can't ever forget it. I wish more subjects would use this method!

So in this blog you can find my:
Preliminary video (October)
Main task research and planning (November - December)
Work in progress - (January)
Main coursework video - (January)
Evaluation - (February)

Thank you for viewing my blog, I hope you found something interesting and enjoyed reading and engaging with it.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

3). What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

Wentworth Entertainment Productions is our company that make low budget British romcoms aimed at the older end of the teenage market. Depending on the type of films you make depends on how you go about distributing your film. If you aim to make a big film such as a Hollywood blockbuster you would have to go the right way about it. For example presenting it in the main cinemas such as Vue and Odeon to make the most amount of money possible, you would have to go through distribution companies linked to the major studios. On the other hand if you have created an independent film it becomes hard to show the film worldwide/broadly due to the lack of budget you have because of this you would have to look for other alternatives to the large cinemas for example old/smaller cinemas, exhibitions, film festivals etc. It is becoming a lot easier to distribute films due to the internet.

You can upload anything to the internet and as our target audience are the technological era we know they will be spending a lot of their time on the internet looking for films so if the film is accessible to them they are sure to watch it. I think the internet is definitely the best way to get our film out there to our audience which fits in with our budget.

Our film obviously had a very small budget as it was made by us and we are only students so cant compete with the amount of money that the big film companies have. However if our film was being made in the real film world I think that it would be shown in the cinemas as it has the storyline qualities to make a good blockbuster film due to it being in a similar genre to films on the market already. As our film is similar to the popular TV series Skins I feel that a film would make a lot of money from producing something similar.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Filming Pick Ups.

We discovered when editing that we had a lack of close up shots to knit the title sequence together well. We are having to go out filming again in order to make sure we really get all the shots we need.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Filming Permission.

When filming in a location you must make sure you have permission from the owner of the premise or land to film there. As we were filming in my house, I got permission from my parents to allow the house be the location of our filming.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Shot Listing.

Shot 1: Establishing shot of house were party is taking place.
Shot 2: Group shot of everyone walking up the stairs, to show time passing. This will be fast forwarded in the edit suite. There will be several of these faded into each other.
Shot 3: Pan around room showing all the mess and hungover people in the morning.
Shot 4: Close up of main characters face as she wakes up.
Shot 5: Mid shot of main character moving on bed as she wakes up to get off the bed.
Shot 6: Close up of her playing with her head/hair.
Shot 7: Cut away of her being sick in the toilet as she remembers how drunk she got.
Shot 8: Close up of her putting her shoes on and then walking in to the camera so it fades to black
Shot 9: Name of film fades in from the black. This should be before the 2 minutes are up.

All the way through this we will have credits in the corners of the screen.

Story Board.

Scripting and Rehearsing.

Due to the fact our title sequence doesn't involve any dialogue we didn't need to create a script which meant we have decided to not have a rehearsal because everything we need our actors to do is very straight forward.

Health and Safety

Potential danger
Potential outcomes
Actions to avoid potentials outcomes
Leaving the camera box on the floor.
Tripping over the box and causing injury.
Make sure the box is closed and placed out of the way, for example on a table.
Tripping over wires.
This could result in the lighting falling over and breaking as well causing a fire as they get hot. This could cause injury to people around.
Make sure wires are not places where people will be walking and warn everyone around when lights are in use.
Lights getting very hot.Burns to the body.Make sure the lights are off when not in use. When they are on warn everyone and be aware of how hot they get. Allow them to cool down before moving/putting away.
Tripping over tripod.
Resulting in injury especially if there are sharp/big objects around.
Make sure people are aware of the tripod when in use. Not allow anyone near the tripod apart from the directors, Katie and I.
Dropping camera
Camera may break. Lense could shatter, sharp pieces of plastic would be dangerous.
Have camera in tripod when in use and use the hand strap when filming without it. When camera is not in use make sure it is safely stored in the box.
Leaving camera unattended.
This could result in theft.

Make sure one of us is with all equipment at all times.