Monday, 3 January 2011

Shot Listing.

Shot 1: Establishing shot of house were party is taking place.
Shot 2: Group shot of everyone walking up the stairs, to show time passing. This will be fast forwarded in the edit suite. There will be several of these faded into each other.
Shot 3: Pan around room showing all the mess and hungover people in the morning.
Shot 4: Close up of main characters face as she wakes up.
Shot 5: Mid shot of main character moving on bed as she wakes up to get off the bed.
Shot 6: Close up of her playing with her head/hair.
Shot 7: Cut away of her being sick in the toilet as she remembers how drunk she got.
Shot 8: Close up of her putting her shoes on and then walking in to the camera so it fades to black
Shot 9: Name of film fades in from the black. This should be before the 2 minutes are up.

All the way through this we will have credits in the corners of the screen.

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