Thursday, 14 October 2010


Over the past 5 weeks we have been studying and understanding continuity editing. We then had to put all we had learned into practise by creating a short film using a few of the techniques of continuity editing including match on action, shot/reverse shot, cut in, cut out and use of the 180 degree rule.
Before filming my group went out and took photo stills of the shots we would be using in our short film. This was useful because we had a defined plan to follow and we could see the layout of the shots and if they all fitted together. After this we set out to film. My group found filming fairly simple and we all had a go at choosing the camera angles and shots. We made sure we had a couple of each shot so we had variety in the editing suite. Filming went well and we got it done quite quickly.
We then had to put all the shots on to the computer. This bit was the part my group struggled with the most. None of us had experience with the programmes we used, so it was all very new to us. It took us a couple of attempts to master the software and to really understand what we were doing. We got the hang of it and started to put all our clips together, the hardest part was editing the match on action technique. We had filmed plenty of these shots to put together as we knew this was going to be a challenge. We played around and made sure Zoe (who was walking through the door) was walking on the same leg as she passed through the door and also that the doors where in similar positions in each shot so they matched correctly and that it flowed smoothly. The cut away was easy to edit in and all of the other shots fitted in nicely. We then also had a problem with the cut in. It was very hard to place in with the audio as we didn't film it for long enough. We just about managed to fit it in but some of the audio was cut off the end. If we had more time we would go back and film this again so it looked more professional. This was the last problem we encountered after that we had no problems with the other shots and had finished. We then saved the film and uploaded it to Youtube. Overall the task went well and we all learnt a lot about filming and certainly editing. The things we learned will all come of use when we next film and edit.

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