Monday, 4 October 2010

Health and Safety Audit.

Even filming in a class room can be dangerous, there are many risks.
When we are filming the tripod might be up so therefore people could trip over the feet if they are not paying attention this could result in a serious accident, to prevent this we could use yellow warning like they use when they clean floors so people see these before they have the chance to trip over the tripod. The person on the camera will have the responsibility to warn people who pass and walk around near the tripod. Also when using the camera we must remember to move the box it comes with and keep it off the floor as again someone might fall or trip over it. We must make sure we are fully concentrated and not have things like drinks around the electrical equipment especially hot ones as we may burn ourselves with them. When we film the shot involving the door we must make sure that we do this with care as you can easily break your fingers by trapping them in the door. To ensure that no accidents take place we must think logically and take care when using equipment and make sure we are focused at all times.

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